Welcome to my Fabulous New Website

Hello again everybody! Well amid this extraordinary pandemic – straight out of H.G. Wells! – there’s at least been time for me to be in touch with my great pal (and website designer) KEITH MILLINGTON. And thanks to his genius we’ve come up with my new Website for the ‘New Era’ – the one you’re looking at now! On the site you’ll be able to pick up my new dates as soon as they start coming in and also catch up with all my news!

And there is some great news for 2020! I’ve signed a contract with the internationally-distributed ‘Acrobat’ label run by John Cooper and Paul Watts. They produce both new recordings and great retrospective collections featuring both American and British artists. And just in time for the band’s appearance at Ronnie Scott’s in January 2020 the company produced a brand new double album of my favourite recordings called ‘Notes from a Jazz Life’ which you can find in all the best record shops or directly on ‘Amazon’. Just pop in the title and you’re there! The album has just about everything, from my first ever recordings with the Half Dozen in 1970 (recorded live at a once-famous jazz pub,The Red Lion in Margaretting Essex) right up to the last recordings from my Delius suite ‘To Frederick with Affection’ issued in 2013 – like most of my records since 2005 – on my own ‘Rose Cottage’ label. In between there are tracks from all of my projects on vinyl (for Black Lion and Dormouse amongst others) covering over forty years! It’s great to be back on a major record label again – and thanks to Acrobat for my wonderful new contract which includes a brand-new album later this year!

So enjoy the new site and don’t forget to let me know how you like it, what we could do to improve it – and make sure to keep in touch!

Cheers and see you SOON!

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