Yes indeed! ‘Here we are again, happy as can be, all good pals’ – and luckily Covid-free!! Pardon the levity, but it’s GOOD to be back in touch after getting on for two whole years! And what a time we’ve had – first Brexit, then Trump, then the C19 blues! But there’s no doubt about it; the skies are clearing, jazz musicians everywhere (including me!) are polishing up their horns – and their chops – and the gigs are starting to come in again, after two years when my diary ressembled the snowy wastes of Iceland in the bleakest of Midwinters! So what’s been happening in the meantime? Well there’s been the new book about The Hundred Club – ‘Ace of Clubs’ which I put together on behalf of The Jazz Centre UK (where I’m now Artistic Director) in the brand-new City of Southend-on-Sea! The book (with introduction by Jools Holland) tells the full story of the club via interviews with many of its players, staff and visitors and it’s lots of fun – so do look at our Shop page for details Then there’s my wonderful new club ‘Jazz at The Sands’ which – courtesy of my good friend Philip Miller, Stockvale Enterprises – kicks off on Thursday April 28th 2022 at The Sands Restaurant on Southend’s sea-front (see our gig page for details). Thereafter – on the last Thursday of every month – we’ll be bringing all of Britain’s finest players (and some American ones too) to our beautiful new room. And then there’s the new solo gigs (keep a regular eye on our Gig page); more with the Half Dozen and a brand-new show designed by my great friend (and fabulous singer – check him out on Youtube) the great Matthew ‘Matt’ Ford. We call it ‘One Man, Fifty Years, 100 Minutes’ (talking about my fifty years in jazz – and playing music too!) and you can find the link on my Show Page together with all the other things we’ve done with my wonderful Half Dozen (who in 2019 won their twelth British Jazz Award as ‘Top Small Group’ – fantastic!). In honour of all this my longtime chum and site designer KEITH MILLINGTON decided to update our new site and Keith – as you can see – has done a fantastic job. So do ‘stand by for further announcements and more good news’ (as LIonel Hampton says!) and ALL my upcoming dates too! Can’t wait to get together again. So see you soon and –

Tons of love! From Digby.