The Road Well Travelled

To celebrate the 25 th anniversary of Digby Fairweather’s Half Dozen his band are presenting their latest show – appropriately titled ‘The Road Well Travelled’ and featuring the long-celebrated formula of ‘Red-hot rhythms, Sweet songs and Samba’ which has been featured in their concerts ever since they came together to tour and record in 1995. Since then the band have combined a successful solo career with years of touring with Britain’s ‘Dean of Decadence’ George Melly headlining at Ronnie Scott’s (2003-7) and thereafter with their presentation ‘Singin’ and Swingin’ the Blues’ and thereafter with Paul Jones in their new show ‘Rocking in Rhythm’. The ‘Road Well Travelled’ tour also celebrates their signing to the international ‘Acrobat’ label (for which they will record a brand-new album in 2020) and their twelfth win as ‘top small group’ in the ‘British Jazz Awards’ 2019.


– is the Half Dozen’s solo show which previously celebrated their tenth win as ‘Top Small Group’ in the 2015 British Jazz Awards. During their 20th Anniversary tour they played nine jazz festivals (including Bude and Brecon); more than thirty theatres and a record-breaking number of jazz clubs! And it’s still a great show!


For this show Digby’s Half-Dozen teams with premier singer VAL WISEMAN (longtime star of her own Billie Holiday tribute ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ in a fast-moving review of great songs from great
movies. Featured are classics from the American musical songbook, great Disney themes, jazz to spare and romantic ballads featuring Val along with the Half-Dozen’s vocal group ‘Fairweather Friends’. Linked with memories of famous moments from the movies and stories of their stars, the show guarantees more musical memories than (as Louis B. Meyer once said!) all of the stars in Heaven.


‘Ella and Louis’ starring Digby’s Half-Dozen and Maggie Reeday (London Palladium/New Faces) and the Craig Milverton Trio celebrates the classic recordings of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. The show sold out five nights (SRO) at Ronnie Scott’s during its 2007 premiere, and has since done the same at theatres and jazz clubs countrywide.


Co-featuring Digby’s Half Dozen with rock-icon Paul Jones ‘Rocking in Rhythm’ has been touring Britain since 2007, topping the bill at major jazz festivals and Ronnie Scott’s club ever since. It
combines Paul Jones’ legendary hits – ‘Doo Wah Diddy’ ‘Pretty Flamingo’ ‘I’ve been a bad bad boy’ and more – with the riveting jazz of ‘Digby Fairweather’s Half Dozen’ to bring you the immortal
songs of Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan and classics from the Great American Songbook. PAUL JONES SAYS: “when I first teamed up with Digby in 2007 I thought ‘this gives me
the chance to sing all those great jazz standards I love’. While he was thinking ‘this gives me the chance to play all that rock music I used to love back in the 1960s and after!’. So ever since then it’s
been a delightful – and a rewarding – musical compromise”. DIGBY SAYS: “I’ve admired Paul ever since I watched and listened to him topping the charts back in the 1960s and as well as being a personal idol he’s a superb musical partner who loves singing jazz and plays wonderful jazz harmonica”. ‘Rocking in Rhythm is available for selected dates only subject to availability.


Co-founded by Digby in 1994 with his close friend the late trombonist Pete Strange, ‘The Great British Jazz Band’ (GBJB) was an all-star assembly of bandleaders and perennial pollwinners which played theatres and arts-centres countrywide. The GBJB made its concert debut on London’s South Bank at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on September 30 1994 with the late and legendary trumpeter Kenny Baker who said of them at the time “What a line-up. Every one a soloist! I’d like to play with them any time and the arrangements are outstanding!” The GBJB recorded three albums for Candid Records (1994-2001) during which Dennis Matthews, the editor of ‘Crescendo and Jazz Music’ dubbed them ‘the best
band of its kind in the world!’. In 2019 the GBJB has been re-formed with the all new line-up of: Bruce Adams and Digby (trumpets), Roy Williams and Mark Nightingale (trombones), Alan Barnes and Karen Sharp (reeds), Dave Newton (piano), Dave Green (bass) and Steve Brown (drums). The band made its debut at the Concorde Club East Leigh to a sold-out house and continues to tour major venues for selected dates in the UK and Europe.


Since his professional career began in 1977 Digby has broadcast, recorded and appeared with his own hand-picked small groups frequently featuring Craig Milverton (piano), guitarist Dominic Ashworth, bassist Len Skeat (ex-Stephane Grappelli, Ted Heath and Neil Bullock (drums) with whom he appears regularly all over Essex and beyond. The Digby Fairweather Quartet appears regularly at all London’s most prestigious venues giving Digby a chance to show off his solo skills, adventurous choice of repertoire and love of good songs in an intimate setting.


First performed in 1987 this legendary tribute to Billie Holiday, starring VAL WISEMAN is directed by Digby with an all-star musical cast including pollwinners Alan Barnes, Roy Williams, Brian Dee et al.

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