Twelve Feet off the Ground

ARTISTES: The Digby Fairweather Band
CD TITLE: Twelve Feet off the Ground
LISTEN: Track 2: Diggin’ In / Twelve Feet off the Ground

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This was the Half Dozen’s first-ever solo album from 1998; recorded for the Potts brothers in Carlisle who ran a successful textiles company and whose father was the (marvellous) jazz trumpeter Mick Potts. Knowing my admiration for Mick his three sons offered us a recording opportunity and the result was ‘Twelve Feet Off the Ground’ – a fine set which gave us the chance to set out our artistic policy, including everything from bebop to Dixieland and even an early example of our affection for RnB in the track called ‘Pink Champagne’. The post-production was done by a marvellous man called Francis Haines who had played with legendary rock-group ‘The Hollies’ and he made us sound really contemporary on tracks like ‘Oh mate’ (dedicated to our then-roadie ‘Big Dave’) and also ‘Babe’ which was a blues I wrote and which our four-man vocal group called ‘Fairweather Friends’ still sings on our concerts.